Popular Types Of Shoes Sure To Hit The Summer Clearance Racks

Arty shoes

My go-to shoes in summer. Great with a-line skirts, trousers, capris and summer gowns. This will produce a slightly more casual look than the really fashionable pointy womens pumps shoes, however, these are more comfy and will still give you a hip and modern-day vibe. It’s extremely important that you don’t choose ‘basic’ design sandals. Try to find something that’s slightly different and more arty and modern and cheaper and buying the shoes online. That is exactly what can make all the distinction between a frumpy and young and hip.

womens shoes

Pointy toe flats (a trendy option to heels).

Pointy toe slipper design shoes will be preferred this coming season and they are an elegant alternative to women’s high heels. Wear them with any style of pants, skirts, and even gowns.

Comfy walking shoes.

These are the shoes you need when you will invest the entire day walking. Brands to watch out for when trying to find comfy shoes consist of Cole Haan, Arthur Beren, Anne Klein’s iFlex series, Dansko, Born, Ecco and Attilio Giusti Leombruni. Let me know if you have any other brand names to advise. I’m particularly looking for brand names that stock shoes that are both comfortable AND contemporary.


These are more difficult to use than ballerinas and can look preppy very rapidly. Finest not to use them with clothes that are too preppy, to achieve a young and hip look. New hipper designs with either metallic or prints look a lot hipper though and would be the much better option for the coming season.


Oxfords are extremely comfortable mens dress shoes for chillier weather and look terrific with menswear-influenced outfits. Purchase them in a glossy colour or 2 toned, to make them hipper. The same guideline applies as for the shoes: if your attire is basic or one toned, make certain your oxfords are hipper. If you have an extremely hip, multi-coloured outfit, then you can get away with neutral one-toned oxfords.

Fitted knee high boots.

Excellent with pants and knee high skirts in cooler weather condition. Make sure they are well fitted around your calves though for a good slim and elongating shape. Stylish over the knee boots are one of my preferred womens boots.

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