Vlogging, The Future of Blogging?

In the present day, one topic that has turned out to be a heated debate is blogging vs. vlogging. However, in reality, no one can say one is better than the other. They are two totally different mediums. Just to get some insight, though, it is still important to compare blog and vlog.

Many individuals across the world use blogging and vlogging as a way to express their opinion, record experiences, and inspire others. Recently, the number of video content on the world wide web has been growing which leaves bloggers wondering whether they should vlog instead.

Vlogging may not be for everyone, but it does hold a lot of unique opportunities. The success on vlog platforms like Dailymotion or YouTube would depend on the creator. Some creators don’t experience as much success as they would on a personal blog. Perhaps it could also be the style not suiting them. If you want to know the answer whether you should blog or vlog, continue reading to find the answer.

A medium’s true value can be seen through its numbers. You can weigh your decision on blogging and vlogging by checking the statistics on engagement, social sharing, conversion, and growth. Blog articles and video blogs both have their pros and cons and we will be delving into this below.

Vlogging – The Good and the Bad

Compared to its text version, the video is considered to be more interactive. You can be right in front of your audience and they can see your smile, personality, body language, everything. Audiences like watching videos with interesting content and several web personalities are into expressing themselves directly through video.

Not all blogs are the same and that also means there are a variety of vlogs existing on the internet. As an instrument, video is very versatile and this is what makes vlogging vs blogging rather unwarranted. A video blog can contain anything from daily activities, video journal, a how-to-series, or a scripted dialogue about current events. Some vloggers also create videos to make a review on a certain place.

With that said, videos are increasingly becoming more popular. Videos usually become more viral than articles or blog posts. Vlogging often requires you to live the experience first hand, which can be costly. You might have to travel to Australia’s Island state Tasmania, and experience their east coast accommodation to legitimately post about it. In that example, viewers would most likely be interested in content regarding Tasmania’s holiday packages, so they could purchase it for themselves in the future.

The negative side of vlogs are the expensive essentials, such as microphones, video cameras, and video editing software. In addition to that, a lot of people find it more comfortable typing on the keyboard of their computers or mobile devices rather than make videos of themselves. Vloggers also tend to receive more criticism compared to bloggers.

A vlogger usually does not need as many assets as a blogger. When an internet user wants to subscribe to a vlog, he can do so with just a click of a button. For blogs, the user will need to enter some information, like email address and their name, before they can subscribe. Overall, vlogging tends to be a brand-building endeavor and more personal.

Blogging – The Good and the Bad

Written words are known to be clear and powerful. Thus, bloggers can have a better time in finding their voice when writing their opinions compared to vloggers. Blogging is used as a means of building a community. Users frequently experience a deeper connection to the blog writer than to vloggers and this is because the medium of contact – which is text – is the same used by those commenting on the blog itself. On the other hand, vloggers alienate themselves with the video.

Video production nowadays may have become more accessible, but typing up a document on the computer and posting it on the web has proven to be the simplest way to share opinions and ideas. Having an independent blog is more common than having an independent vlog; doing so can also be expensive. When YouTube and Dailymotion offers vloggers the free reign, bloggers also have mediums like WordPress and Tumblr.

The downside of blogging is it can be time consuming. Scripting and recording a video can take 30 minutes, but even less if you decide to go impromptu. Penning a blog post can sometimes take hours especially when you have to do the research and post or upload photos on the article. In addition to that, bloggers depend a lot on their content.

Bloggers, though, can use humor and personality to support articles while vloggers will have to base an entire video on sheer charisma. Since blogs are text-based, they are sometimes labeled as “tedious” or “old-fashioned.” Subscribers can be hard to get when you’re a blogger because a blog requires readers, not just passive viewers. Using the example of property investment specialist, they could a step-by-step guide in blog format of how to invest in property – it would make a great reference. If they were to approach it from a vlog perspective, then giving first time property investment advice on video would be a suitable approach.

Bloggers tend to receive more spam compared to the average vlogger. Bloggers who provide their email address to readers can be flooded with messages every single day. When weighing things between vlogging vs. blogging, blogs can definitely be an effective medium for entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with and market their audience.

What is the Future of Blogging?

To many bloggers’ relief, vlogging will not be replacing blogging any time soon. The written word will always be circulating on the internet. However, videos are definitely becoming the trend. Throughout this entire article, you can definitely tell that vlogging vs. blogging cannot be a justified question. In fact, they are both quite similar.

As a whole, vlogging is the better option for online personalities while blogging is more effective for businesses. Several creators have jumped into the “hybrid” model, integrating both articles and videos on a website. This means they have both a blog and a video channel. At the end of the day, it will all depend on what works for your audience and yourself. Creatives are integrating both blogging and vlogging into their business strategies, creating their own engaging content to influence viewers. Creating your own personal custom craft website is an excellent platform to direct people to your domain. To advertise your blogging and vlogging journies, an Adwords agency can assist in getting your content seen.

Bloggers do not need to fret for the future of blogging appears to be brighter than ever. A lot of millennials prefer to sign up on blogs because of the flexible lifestyle it offers. Vlogging is the medium that has framed the social realm. At the rate technology is going and developing, who knows where the future can take blogging?

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