How to Stay Interested in the Workplace

Do you often wake up and feel motivated to go to work? Or are you the type that wants to stay in bed and forget about doing a job you don’t even like. You must be interested in what you are doing every day and see the potential to progress in your career path. Work in a comfortable environment. You may even get some outdoor furniture to work outside instead of a conventional office.

There are only 13% of staff members worldwide who enjoy their job! Many workers cannot find much meaning in their careers. Did you know that you can break out of that cycle by finding your purpose and finding your interest within the workplace?

If you are not sure where to start, then look at these tips to help maintain interest.

Know why!

Having a purpose is where you need to start. Try and figure out what exactly you are doing and the reason behind why you are doing it. If you are in a line of work that doesn’t interest you, then you need to find out what does. It is time to connect to your personal career mission. Looking at Simon Sinek’s book, starting with ‘why’ can be a great help.

Set your digital goals

Now you have realised why you’re doing what you are doing you need to set up some short-term goals. From this, create some long-term goals which can help to keep you on track and engaged.

Learn a new skill

You need to keep your brain active and sharp, and a great way of doing this is to learn something new. Look into some training at work and even go to a conference or seminar. Try and go for something that is out of your comfort zone, but it still needs to have some relevance to your career. Your boss will be happy about the extra value you are bringing to the team, and it will look good having an additional skill on your resume.

Get some feedback

If you are not getting any feedback, then you need to go out and ask for it. Feedback can help to motivate you to perform at a better level as you will end up feeling more motivated at work. Keeping stagnant within your career won’t keep you interested in anything apart from the paycheck. Most often that doesn’t even cut it as you are most likely not getting paid your full worth.

Being mindful

It can help to start each day with a positive mantra. Throughout the day, be aware of what you say to yourself and those around you. Avoid negative comments and thoughts and try to avoid all the office gossip. Don’t take everything personally. You will soon notice that when you practice being mindful at work, your stress levels will go down, and you will feel like you belong. Make your physical surroundings, such as your office, pleasant for work. Use some beach style furniture to create a relaxed feeling and positive environment.

If you still hate your job after trying a few of these tips, then it may be time to consider making a switch. Your work will be miserable along with your attitude if you stay somewhere you don’t want to be. 

We all fall into career slumps at one point or another. Personal growth is the key to staying engaged. If you’re going to maintain interest in your career path, keep a positive mindset and never stop striving to learn and grow.

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